Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Testament - Practice What You Preach

Chuck Billy (vocals)
Alex Skolnick, Eric Peterson (guitar)
Greg Christian (bass)
Louis Clemente (drums).
Additional personnel:
Mark Walters, Bogdan Jablonski, Willy Lang, Elliot Cahn (background vocals).

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California.

1. Practice What You Preach
2. Perilous Nation
3. Envy Life
4. Time Is Coming
5. Blessed In Contempt
6. Greenhouse Effect
7. Sins Of Omission
8. The Ballad
9. Nightmare (Coming Back To You)
10. Confusion Fusion - (TRUE instrumental)

This CD is awesome! If you like Metallica's Ride the Lightning, you'll love this. All the tracks are amazing, only one slow one (the ballad). My favourite tracks were Envy Life and Sins of Omission. If you are a true speed/thrash metal fan, you have to have this CD in your collection.


Scorpions - Blackout

Klaus Meine (vocals)
Rudolf Schenker (acoustic & electric guitars, background vocals)
Matthias Jabs (acoustic & electric guitars)
Francis Buchholz (bass)
Herman Rarebell (drums).

Recorded at Villa San Pecaire, St. Jacques-Grasse, France and Dierks Studios, Cologne, Germany

This album is one of the greatest metal releases of all-time. The opening 7 tracks are pure classic and the highlights are 'Blackout', 'No one like you', 'Now' & 'Dynamite'. For me, what stops this from being the best is the last 2 songs, both filler. 'China White' is a knock-off shot at 'Dazed & Confused' while '...Smoke' is a dull ballad that fails to ignite. However, Jabs played a blinder on this, Rudi was churning out great riffs and Meine has never sounded better.


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