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Rainbow - Rising

Ronnie James Dio (vocals)
Ritchie Blackmore (guitar)
Jimmy Bain (bass)
Tony Carey (keyboards)
Cozy Powell (drums)

As the drums kick into the fierce opener "Tarot Woman," it's obvious that RISING delivers directly to your door. It is the band's second release, and a vast improvement over RICHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW. With a revamped lineup that sounds like it had been touring together for years, the album takes no prisoners. "Starstruck" is a classic groove reminiscent of guitarist Blackmore's ex-band Deep Purple. Blackmore replaced everyone from the first album's lineup except vocalist Ronnie Dio with Jimmy Bain (bass), Tony Carey (keyboards), and Cozy Powell (drums). Dio shows what he's got with a stellar performance on "Do You Close Your Eyes." "Stargazer" is the band's "Kashmir," an epic eight-minute track that could stand as its signature song. "A Light in the Black" features the skin bashing of the late, great Mr. Powell. RISING is a must-have for any fan of Dio, Blackmore, or classic metal. Five musicians came together for a one-shot moment that won't be duplicated. The album is magic.

1. Tarot Woman
2. Run With The Wolf
3. Starstruck
4. Do You Close Your Eyes
5. Stargazer
6. Light In The Black


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