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W.A.S.P - Last Command

Randy Piper (vocals, guitar)
Blackie Lawless (vocals, bass)
Steve Riley (vocals, drums)
Chris Holmes (guitar)

Recorded at The Pasha Music House, Hollywood, California. W.A.S.P.'s second full-length release, THE LAST COMMAND, showed that leader/principal songwriter Blackie Lawless was attempting to write better songs. While some of the tracks still contain the gross-out element that made the band's debut a success, Lawless wanted the public to start taking his band more seriously, and not focus so much on W.A.S.P.'s stage antics. Though THE LAST COMMAND is not as challenging as such future albums as THE HEADLESS CHILDREN and THE CRIMSON IDOL would be, 1985's THE LAST COMMAND contained several tracks that would become concert staples for years to come. Two of the album's best-known tracks remain "Wild Child" and "Blind in Texas," along with the not-so-subtly-titled "Ballcrusher" and "Jack Action."

1. Wild Child
2. Ballcrusher
3. Fistful Of Diamonds
4. Jack Action
5. Widowmaker
6. Blind In Texas
7. Cries In The Night
8. The Last Command
9. Running Wild In The Streets
10. Sex Drive

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