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Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force

As a guitarist and a fan of 'shred' albums in general, this is a landmark release. Upon first hearing it, I too had to try my hand at the sublime 'Far Beyond The Sun' but it didn't take me hours to learn, neither did 'Icarus Dream Suite', another highly complex piece. 'Black Star' lulls one into a false sense of security before ripping you up, while 'Little Savage' is just that. Fabulous guitar, no doubt about it but, overall, this isn't a great rock album. Too few vocals and rubbish lyrics as well, plus they could've done with Cozy Powell or Tommy Aldridge on the drums. Still, a fine debut from the Swede.

1. Black Star
2. Far Beyond The Sun
3. Now Your Ships Are Burned
4. Evil Eye
5. Icarus Dream Suite
6. As Above, So Below
7. Little Savage
8. Farewell


Emm no more malmsteen lah ...

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